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Supportive Friend

helping each other grow

We believe that we grow best as Christians when we grow alongside other people. If we want to grow as disciples, relationships in which we share life, have faith modelled for us, and explore following Christ in our lived experience make all the difference.

That’s what church communities are so good at - being families in which we can grow. We do this on Sundays and when we meet in the week, sometimes learning or doing things together. See below for all the opportunities there are.

We also encourage people to be in 'Growing in Jesus' groups with one or two others. This is an opportunity to share deeply with one of two other people in order to help each other grow.

If you would like to find out more, contact Ruth or Alison via the Parish Office:

Tel: 0121 783 6999

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growing in jesus groups

We encourage each other to meet regularly with one other person. We ask each other six simple questions every time we meet. There is nothing like a close friendship for helping us grow.


morning prayer

We meet on Zoom for Morning Prayer from 9-9.30am from Monday to Friday. It’s a great way to start the day!

We use some more structured words, and also allow some time for quiet. We always read a psalm and another passage from the bible, we usually discuss these, and have some time for prayer for each other and situations we are thinking about. Some people come every day, some come once a week or only occasionally- it’s always a good supportive time.

If you don't have (or like!) IT you can also dial in on your phone.

Outdoor Study Group

bible chat

Bible Chat is a small group of people who meet approximately every 2 weeks in the morning for around an hour at Cooper’s Shop on St Margaret’s Avenue.


It’s a friendly group and a great opportunity to discuss a reading from the bible, chat and pray together. Everyone welcome.

Modern Living Room

st paul's bible study

You are welcome to join this friendly and informal group on Thursday evenings, meeting in the lounge at St Paul’s from 7-8pm for bible study and prayer.


Everyone is welcome.

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