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where do i start?

Often we think we need all the right answers to start to be a Christian.

But at Holy Trinity Benefice, we don’t think it’s about all the right answers - we think it’s about deciding to follow Jesus.

Jesus’ first call to His disciples was, “Follow me.”  And His final words were, “Go and make disciples.”  The word 'disciple' appears 263 times in the New Testament.

All baptised Christians are disciples. We are not perfect, better or more experienced, or less in need of God’s love and grace and forgiveness than anyone else.

But from day one we are followers, learners...apprentices of Christ.  A disciple is someone who 'learns as they follow.' It’s about knowing things, but more importantly it’s about living them out in a way of life.

There are certain things we do regularly - like worship, praying, listening to God together, and helping each other grow - that make living as a disciple more natural.

If you would like to find out more, contact Ruth or Alison via the Parish Office: Tel: 0121 783 6999

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