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There are lots of opportunities to join in every Sunday - for breakfast, at 10.30, sometimes at lunch, and sometimes in the afternoon! 

We have a group for children too. All are welcome.  Scroll below to find out more.

Christchurch Burney Lane St Paul’s Bordesley Green St Margaret’s Ward End church Christianity Birmingham

Breakfast Church at St Paul’s Bordesley Green.

We are an informal, welcoming church family meeting in St Paul’s every Sunday morning.

Free breakfast is served from 8.45am, and our worship begins at 9.15am. We gather around a table, and join in with a short act of worship which always finishes by 10am.

We have discussion around a bible reading, singing, sharing our stories and prayer. On the first Sunday of the month, we share Communion.

Everyone is welcome!

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Morning Worship at Christ Church

We meet every Sunday at 10.30am. Our service includes communion every Sunday apart from the first Sunday of the month.


Our worshipping style is fairly relaxed. We pray, sing a mixture of traditional hymns and modern songs, we sometimes share stories of how God has been working in our lives.


We explore and teach the Bible in a way that is accessible to all.

We believe that for all of us to be growing more like Jesus (the Bible calls this being a disciple) is the main thing we do!


We’d love to see you - if you’d like to know more before you come along, please get in touch.

Sometimes people who have never been to church before worry they won’t know what to do, or will be expected to do something they feel uncomfortable with. We want you to feel comfortable, and will never ask you to do something unless you wish too. Regular church members are friendly and can help you follow the service if you wish. You are welcome to come and join with us, see what it’s like with no expectations. 

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Kids' Church

We have children’s work in term time during Sunday worship apart from the 1st Sundays of the month all ages worship together in church.

The children’s work is led by a large team of people and follows the big story of the Bible, focussing on different themes.


In every session there is opportunity for discussion, learning and fun- with an emphasis on building relationship and helping the children and young people grow in their own discipleship journey.

Café Church

Café Church meets at St Margaret’s on St Margaret’s Road in Ward End on the 1st Sunday of the month, usually at 3.30pm.


We always begin with drinks and something to eat, and then we have an informal church service from 4-5pm. We usually sit around a large table, and our service includes singing, discussion and prayer.


We try to make sure our gatherings are accessible, creative and welcoming.

As well as occasional special services, we share Communion (bread and wine) together every half term, and once a term we have a big meal and sing hymns!

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